Artist: Radical Face
Song: All is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Album: The Family Tree: The Bastards, Volume One (2011)
From: US (FL)

Radical Face never disappoints.  This is one of my favourite tracks.  So sad…

“This EP that was released about a month before “The Roots”. It’s made up of the songs that didn’t quite fit the full-length. It’s titled “Volume One” because I will be releasing at least two more of them through the course of the Family Tree project, so that I can have a place to put all the songs that don’t quite fit the LPs. All the EPs will be free until the end of the whole project, at which point I will probably collect them into a single disc.”


“so I collected all our plans and crimes
and set them all alight
the only thing that bound me to this place
you took with you when you died
so goodbye, goodbye”

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